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What should I do if my relative/friend was caught crossing the border and is in immigration jail ?

What should I do if my relative/friend was caught crossing the border and is in immigration jail ?

We can help you to locate your relative /friend and stop their deportation by filing a credible fear interview request which will stop deportation pending an interview with deportation officers specializing in asylum matters. When a detainee is being interrogated by the asylum officers, detainee must prove with his/her testimony that he/she has credible fear of going back to their country for valid reasons.

We help our clients to come out on bail , to transfer the case from another state to Los Angeles, CA and continue representing them in Los Angeles immigration court in asylum cases.
Representation to Detainees at the Border
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ALTERNATIVES IF YOU LOSE YOUR TPS - TEMPORARY PROTECTED STATUSIf while on TPS status, you traveled outside of the U.S. with advance parole and obtained legal entry as a result of this trip and you are married to U.S. citizen or have adult (over 21 ) U.S. citizen children , its time to apply for adjustment of status to obtain your greencard. Do not delay until TPS is revoked in 2019 and you are placed in deportation proceedings with the immigration court – come to our office and apply for greencard!.If you don’t have a legal entry to the U.S. , but are married to U.S. citizen or have adult (over 21) U.s. citizen children , we can apply for advance parole for you to travel immediately to obtain legal entry so that you can travel before the expiration of TPS program and use option 1 above.If you have a prior deportation or do not wish to travel for any other reason , we can apply for a waiver (el perdon) for you based on extreme and unusual hardship to your spouse or parents upon approva…

Trump administration ending Temporary Legal Status for Salvadorans

Trump administration ending protections for more than 200,000 Salvadorans in U.S., but giving time for a transition About 262,000 Salvadorans living in the U.S. will lose the temporary legal status that many have enjoyed for almost two decades, the Trump administration announced on Monday. The Department of Homeland Security's decision, which has been widely anticipated with deep anxiety in Salvadoran communities, said immigrants covered by "temporary protected status" will have until Sept. 9, 2019, to arrange a return or, in some cases, to apply for alternative legal means of staying in the U.S. The population covered by the temporary status includes nearly 30,000 people in the Los Angeles region. Administration officials said conditions in El Salvador have improved markedly since 2001, when the Bush administration first made the special protections available in the wake of two earthquakes that devastated the small Central American country. "Schools and hospitals …

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Minors Detainees at the Border

Minors Detainees at the Border
What if my minor son-daughter-relative have to go to immigration court?
How can you help the minors?

We represent many minors in immigration court. If a minor under 18 y.o. has no parents in the U.S. or its proven that one of the parents was abusive such minor can apply for Special Juvenile Visa case ( so called “CIGIS”). In order to file an immigration case based on special juvenile relief, its necessary to first obtain a children’s court order granting guardianship to a close relative or another adult in charge of the minor’s affairs. This can be done by an attorney specializing in such cases. After a childrens’ court part of the case is finished, its time to apply for a special juvenile visa.

Also if a minor is unaccompanied by adults, he/she qualifies for TVPRA , a special asylum designed for minors that is being processed in Anaheim Asylum office while immigration court proceedings are still pending. Once TVPRA (a special juvenile asylum) is granted…

Important warning for immigrants arrested by deportation officers

Important warning for immigrants arrested by deportation officersImportant warning for immigrants arrested by deportation officers and /or transferred from Criminal JailIf you are given a paper that gives you an option to sign voluntary departure or request to see an immigration judge the deportation officers often ask you to sign “voluntary departure” or as many clients say “voluntary deportation” DON’T SIGN IT. Unfortunately, our law firm had seen many clients whose relatives were bullied by deportation officers into signing voluntary departure / voluntary deportation. The deportation officers lied to our clients that that if they don’t sign deportation, they will stay in deportation jail for many months or a year before getting a hearing with immigration judge , that its useless to fight their case , that hiring an immigration lawyer is a waste of money.
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Deportation or Removal

What is Deportation or Removal?

If you or a family member who is not a citizen or permanent resident and is undocumented in the United States may be placed in deportation proceedings. In the last year more than 360,000 foreigners were deported in a formal process of removal from the United States.

Regardless of your immigration status do not try to fight alone against deportation. The Government of the United States can use more than 50 reasons to take out or ask to be deported outside the United States. The reasons may constitute immigration violations, convictions of one or more felonies (Felonies) or misdemeanor (Misdemeanors). The most common cause is the entrance erratically (undocumented) to the United States.

Remember that there are several possible defenses against deportation. The defense against deportation is complicated and requires the help of a licensed and experienced immigration attorney. Our offices Paniotto Law in the city of Los Angeles have over 16 years of experie…